amini e.V. is a small, registered non-profit association based in Souther Germany that currently works with schools and educational projects in Tanzania, East Africa.
The name amini  is derived from the Swahili verb kuamini, which means to believe in something or someone / to trust in something or someone in the national language of Tanzania.

We believe in the basic right of quality education for all and we are convinced that everyone deserves a chance to unfold his and her full potential, to learn for his and her entire life and to live a self-determined live. This belief in every human being and trust in life led to years of private engagement in Tanzania since 2010 - and finally to the founding of amini e.V.

We regularly travel to Tanzania and visit the projects we work with, often hand over donations personally and witness their use on-site. Through this regular and very personal contact we know that donations go directly to the projects we work with.


We are very happy to announce the official founding of amini e.V. in 2017 to bundle our various activities and long-standing commitments under one roof and we are looking forward to continuing our work as a registered non-profit charity!