amini e.V. is a small, registered and charitable non-profit NGO in southern Germany. We work with schools and educational projects in Tanzania, East Africa. The name amini derives from the Swahili verb kuamini which means to believe/trust in sb/sth.

We believe in the basic right of quality education for all and we are convinced that everyone deserves a chance to unfold his and her full potential, to learn for his and her entire life and to live self-determined. Many years of privately based engagement in Tanzania and eventually the idea of amini originated from our faith in every human being. Our various activities in Tanzania will now be bundled up under the roof of amini.


At least one board member travels to Tanzania on a regular basis to visit the supported projects and hand over donations on occasion. Thanks to this regular and very personal contact we are certain that all donations go directly to the projects we work with and many times we can witness the use of donations on-site.


We are very happy to announce the official founding of amini e.V. in 2017 and we are looking forward to continuing our work as a registered non-profit charity!