amini! - executive board members


Franziska Riedel, First Chairwoman


 „I travelled to East Africa for the very first time back in 2009 to take part in a so-called workcamp in a small village in central Tanzania for four weeks Those short four weeks were so rich in experience that I felt the desire to spend more time in this beautiful country! 
After graduating from high school in 2010, I packed my bags and went to do my voluntary service in Arusha for about a year. I stayed and volunteered at the Good Hope Orphanage and School Center in Ngusero, a local neighborhood in the town of Arusha, living and working with locals as well as with international volunteers. I got a deep insight in and understanding of everyday Tanzanian life, learned Swahili and fell in love with the people, language and country. Tanzania and Arusha literally became my second home!
Due to my deep and long-standing connection to the country and its people I am familiar with the situations on site and in the projects we support.
Since my time at Good Hope I am fluent in Swahili and since I returned to Germany in 2011 I travel to Tanzania every year."



Monika Kienzle, Second Chairwoman


“As the former headmistress of the Reischachschule in Immendingen, I am very pleased that the students of the Reischachschule have been supporting the Good Hope Pre- & Primary School in Arusha for many years with much zeal and heart. The contact with Good Hope was established by Franziska in 2010, and I was very much convinced of the idea of a school partnership from the very beginning. In 2011, such a lasting connection and friendship between our two yet so different schools began, which is an important enrichment for both sides.

The effort of the pupils of the Reischachschule to support the pupils in Arusha is great and I am glad that we all together can continue our commitment under the umbrella of amini e.V.!”



Ursula Riedel, Treasurer          


„I am connected to Tanzania since 2009, when my daughter Franziska travelled south for the first time. In December 2010 I visited her for the first time in Arusha, and since then I am amazed by the country and especially its people. Daily life is so different from our life in Germany, and the attitude in which many people in Tanzania handle their certainly not always easy lives has deeply impressed and touched me.

This first visit to Tanzania was followed by several more, and I got to know Tanzanian life and the children and staff of the Good Hope Orphanage and School Center better and better.
This connection ultimately led to a form of school partnership between the Reischachschule, where I work, and the Good Hope Primary School in Arusha. I’ve dedicated a lot of time and energy for this cooperation over the past years and I am very happy that this commitment has now found a new home with amini e.V.!”