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Good Hope Pre- and Primary School


The main focus of our work is on supporting school and educational projects in Tanzania. Since 2010, we have been working closely, first on a private basis and now with amini e.V., with the Good Hope Pre- and Primary School, a privately-run elementary school in Arusha which, unlike state schools, is taught in English. The Good Hope Orphanage and School Center was founded in 2006 by a Tanzanian family as an elementary school with an attached orphanage, and the school has enjoyed steady growth in recent years. We have been able to accompany the school on its way from three classes in 2010 to 38 classes, a computer and music room, a school library, a school store and administrative facilities as well as a boarding school in 2023.


Thanks to our educational sponsors, amini e.V. is able to continuously enable several children from low-income, mostly single-parent families to attend Good Hope Primary School until they graduate after grade 7.

For many pupils in Tanzania, the transition in the state school system from elementary school that teach in their mother tongue to English-language secondary schools is unfortunately an insurmountable linguistic hurdle. Private English medium schools such as the Good Hope School teach in English. Pupils are also encouraged from an early age to speak English at school, even outside the classroom. Daily contact with the language greatly increases the chances of gaining a good and quick foothold at government secondary schools later on.



In the past, we have also been able to support the Good Hope Orphanage and School Center with construction projects on school buildings, the orphanage and boarding school buildings, as well as purchasing urgently needed teaching materials for the elementary school on several occasions. Since the 2023 academic year, thanks to an educational sponsor, a taekwondo course has also been held several times a week for the pupils of the Good Hope School, which gives the girls self-confidence and strengthens them in their being in addition to methods of self-defense.

...further projects

  • In April 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we were able to support the Deaf and Community Progress Organization (DCPO) in its coronavirus awareness campaign. The DCPO is a small organization in Arusha that advocates for the needs of the deaf community - which makes up at least 1.2% of Tanzania's total population. Since this first collaboration, we have been able to provide increasing support for DPCO projects.
  • Thanks to our educational sponsors, a young student who cannot hope for financial support from his family was able to attend the Arusha Lutheran Medical Training Centers and thus get a better chance on the job market.

  • amini e.V. was able to provide the Meridian School, a small local pre-school and elementary school in the village of Nduruma, with initial help in financing the construction of the school and in achieving the (structural and organizational) requirements for final state recognition.
  • There is a small sewing school in the neighborhood of the Good Hope Primary School, where an older tailor teaches young women who have dropped out of the school system for various reasons how to sew. This training enables the women to either become self-employed or find employment in the city. In the past, we have supported the sewing school with the purchase of sewing machines and work materials.

Being able to respond flexible to situations that may occur on-site is important to us. During our regular visits in Tanzania we often find ourselves in situations where a comparatively small effort can make a big difference.
Therefore we will continue being open to supporting other projects or helping out in emergency situations that occur in front of our eyes within the scope of our abilities.