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Good Hope Pre- and Primary School


Our work focuses on supporting schools and educational projects in East Africa, currently in Tanzania. Since 2010, a tight cooperation and friendship exists between amini members and the Good Hope Pre- and Primary School, an English Medium primary school under private management in Arusha. It was founded together with an affiliated orphanage in 2006 by a Tanzanian family and has seen huge progress over the past years. Our long friendship now found a new home at amini e.V. and we feel honored to have witnessed the school’s development from only five classrooms in 2010 to 30 classrooms, a lunch area, a school shop and an administrational ward in 2019.


amini e.V. is currently able to continuously support fourteen students at  the Good Hope Pre- and Primary School from low-income, often single-parent families. Thanks to our donors we can make it possible for them to receive a quality elementary education at Good Hope which will enable them to perform well lateron in secondary school. There, classes are taught in English while public primary schools use Swahili as the classroom language. Having completed primary education at an English Medium school makes the transition to secondary school smooth and enables the pupils to understand and follow instructions easily.

Furthermore, we were able to support the Good Hope Orphanage and School Center several times with building material for new buildings as well as much needed teaching materials in the past.  

Meridian School

The Meridian School is a small nursery school in the village of Nduruma, about one and a half hours from Arusha town. It was founded by a former teacher of the Good Hope Primary School and aims to offer quality, English based education to the children of Nduruma.


amini e.V. is supporting the construction of classrooms and sanitary facilities as well as the purchase of teaching materials. Long-term goal of the local team is to establish the Meridian School as a privately-managed English Medium primary school that is sustainable, able to operate independently from donations and that will equip the children of Nduruma and the surrounding villages with a quality education.  

...other projects

  • In the neighborhood of Good Hope exists a small non-government vocational school where an elderly tailor teaches young women in a rented room. The girls had to leave school out of various reasons and are now gaining sewing skills which hopefully will enable them to find a job or start their own small business.
    We were able to support the project in the past by purchasing a sewing machine as well as working material.

  • We are also able to support a college student whose family is unfortunately unable to fund his study fees..
  • Being able to respond flexible to situations that may occur on-site is important to us. During our regular visits in Tanzania we often find ourselves in situations where some little input can have a big impact. Therefore we will continue being open to supporting other projects or helping out in emergency situations that occur in front of our eyes.