...progress in Arusha, Nduruma & Co.

This is the place where we will keep you posted about the development in our partner projects.
As with everything on the move, there are times when alot happens as well as times without much news. You most likely won't find weekly updates here, but rather irregular reports on small and big steps we take with our partners regarding our work in Tanzania.

Whenever there are news to tell, you will find them here - so feel free to keep checking this site :)!




We are very thankful for all the love and support we received in 2018 and want to wish all our friends a blessed, happy


and healthy new year 2019!



October 2018

 Fundraising for Meridian School


For the second time young musicians of the Neuapostolische Kirche Westdeutschland played two fundraising concerts in favour of the Meridian School in Nduruma. The two children's choirs and the children's orchestra North Rhine-Westphalia performed in Hagen and Bochum according to the motto "Being on the way together". The audience loved the performances and the children were eventually able to raise 2.600€. This amount will be used to support the building of much needed sanitary facilities at Meridian.

We are overwhelmed by the commitment of everybody involved in the concerts! A huge thank you to the conductors, the audience, the donors and the young musicians!

Asanteni sana – thank you very much!     

June 2018

Cooperation with the Schlossschule Immendingen


The Schlossschule Elementary School in Immendingen becomes an educational sponsor!

This spring we got a message from Immendingen saying "we, the Schlossschule, want to take action for others and take over responsibility" - so we talked to the Good Hope management and Mr. Mohamed knew of a mum who struggled with raising the school fees of her daughter. As two of our members were in Tanzania, they met with the young student and her mum. 
On July 10, 2018, the Immendingen Elementary School will be organizing a charity race in order to raise funds for the school fees of the girl we met in Arusha. The Schlossschule is, beside the Reischach RSWRS Secondary School, the second school in Immendingen whose students are getting actively involved in supporting Tanzanian students and taking over responsibility for others through sponsorships organized by amini e.V. .

Together with our partners in Tanzania we want to thank the children, parents, teachers and everybody involved at the schools for their love and effort - your commitment is highly appreciated!

June 2018

Begegnungsfest in Tuttlingen

 On June 24, 2018 amini e.V. is taking part in the 14th international Begegnungsfest (="Fiest of encounters", a celebration of cultures and togetherness) on the premises of the Karlsschule Elementary School in Tuttlingen. We will bring along information on amini and our work, little treasures made of Tanzanian fabric and arts and crafts for the young ones! 


We are looking forward to a great day, sunshine, music, performances, yummy international food and awesome company!

Come join us!




We had a wonderful day filled with interesting and fun encounters at our stand, great performances, lovely weather and enthusiastically crafting kids! A huge thank you goes out to the organizing team around Hans-Martin Schwarz and Martina Gröne (Initiative Internationale Begegnung Tuttlingen), which invests a lot of time and energy year by year in this wonderful day, to our guests and to every helping hand.


We are looking forward to being a part of this again next year :)!

Leonie Mattes at the Good Hope Primary School, April 2018
Leonie Mattes at the Good Hope Primary School, April 2018

May 2018

Tanzania round trip


We (Leonie Mattes & Franziska Riedel) made good use of spring break at university and travelled to Tanzania in March / April 2018. It was a first time experience for Leonie, and beside exploring the country we of course paid various visits to the partner projects of amini e.V. .


Shortly after arriving in Arusha, we met Joseph who is part of the Meridian School management team. All together we went through plans, documents, receipts and project proposals, and it was a pleasure seeing how the work in Nduruma precedes! We took the bumpy ride to Nduruma in the next days and were able to see the progress on-site. The first two classrooms are finished and in use, an official GPS map was created, big parts of the school premises were cultivated (corn and beans for school meals, planted by the parents, as the current building so far only takes a small space on the school's plot), and a part of the buliding materials for the next classroom already arrived! Although the school was closed for mid-term holidays, a few pupils came to say hi with their teacher. After a while, we found ourselves spending the afternoon singing songs, telling stories and learning new games, all in English and Swahili. 


Our next visit took us to the Good Hope Primary School in Ngusero, Arusha. As Good Hope was closed as well for mid-term, we could not meet most of the students, but spent the time with the manager Mr. Mohamed who proudly showed us around. Since last summer, they were adding five new classrooms! Franzi, who came to Good Hope for the first time in 2010 when it was a small school with four classrooms on a big plot, is always overwhelmed to see the progress the school makes continously. 
Leonie was impressed by the differences of the two schools we visited - and is keen to see what the Meridian School will be like in a couple of years.

We also met the college student supported by amini e.V. , were able to pay his school fees personally on-site and were also able to organize another sponsorship at Good Hope at short notice (we will report at a later time).
At the end of our travels we met the first teacher and co-founder of Meridian Lucy in Dar es Salaam, who has travelled to the coast for continuing education purposes.


Leonie was overwhelmed by the openness and kindness of the Tanzanian people we met during our travels. She recognised our partners and partner projects of which she has only seen pictures so far, and it was very special to her to finally see and experience "all of that".


After four weeks in Tanzania we boarded the plane back to Germany full of new and refreshed impressions. It was a special journey, especially for Leonie - because "seeing is different than being told" (Kenyan proverb) :)!


Meridian School, Feb. 2018
Meridian School, Feb. 2018

                                                               February 23, 2018


Paint in Nduruma


We got news from the Meridian School in Nduruma: the current first construction phase is completed, i.e. that all windows, inside and outside paint as well as the black boards are there and installed!


Now it is time for the next phase, which has to include two more classes, sanitary facilities and a teacher's room according to legal requirements. 

February 2, 2018

Academic year 2018 :)!


The new academic year in Tanzania started mid-January, and the students at Good Hope and Meridian are back to their desks and start off to new achievements.

We wish the children in our partner projects as well as all students in Tanzania all the best in their studies and a successful, educational and happy new academic year :)! 


Advent wreath in Arusha 2010
Advent wreath in Arusha 2010


Heri ya Krismasi – merry christmas!



We wish all our supporters and friends a merry christmas


from the bottom of our hearts!


Have a peaceful festive


season and a happy new year 2018!      


                                                                                                                                                                  December 23, 2017

Water pump for Meridian


A new water pump was bought for the school premises in Nduruma after having problems with water access the last days. The new pump is stronger and therefore able to pump water from the deep borehole more reliably. Water is crucial for the construction side, the sanitary facilities and for daily activities at the school.

                                                            December 14, 2017
News from Nduruma


The missing windows for the second classroom could be ordered and installed and the construction of a 20,000-litre-tank was started, which will provide water for the construction side, the day-to-day activities at school and the sanitary facilities. 
In addition to that, an expert worker started the process of creating an official GPS map of the school premises which will be needed for the registration process. 


Joseph and Lucy were able to conduct various talks with the village community. The villagers are ready to offer their help and contribute physical labour to the building process. This will be a big help for the local team and we are very happy to hear those news, as projects like Meridian can only be truly successful when they are accepted and supported by the local community.

left to right: Leonie Mattes, Franziska Riedel (both amini e.V.), Rita Brockschmidt (NAC NRW), Ursula Riedel (amini e.V.)
left to right: Leonie Mattes, Franziska Riedel (both amini e.V.), Rita Brockschmidt (NAC NRW), Ursula Riedel (amini e.V.)

                                                                                                       October 30, 2017
Fundraising concert in support of the Meridian School


The children's choir and children's orchestra of the New Apostolic Church North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) staged a fundraising concert in support of the Meridian School in Nduruma on October 15, 2017. The concert was carried out by 60 young musicians and took place in Bochum according to the motto "giving brings joy". The children passed their enthusiasm on to the audience, and with the support of the church management NRW an amount of 4.000€ could be handed over to amini e.V.  

We are amazed and overwhelmed by the effort of the children and want to thank them as well as their choir and orchestra directors and the management of the NAC NRW from the bottom of our heart! 

Arusha, August 2017: Jutta Friedrich, Ursula Riedel and Franziska Riedel (left to right) at the gate of the Good Hope School
Arusha, August 2017: Jutta Friedrich, Ursula Riedel and Franziska Riedel (left to right) at the gate of the Good Hope School

                                                                                             September 8, 2017

amini e.V.  in Tanzania!

This summer, Ursula Riedel, Franziska Riedel and Jutta Friedrich spent about two weeks in Tanzania (August 20 - September 5, 2017). Franziska stayed in-country for her summer break, and together we learned alot about the country and it's people, experienced Tanzanian hospitality and of course visited our local partners.


We were welcomed warmly in Nduruma and were able to get to know about the current situation at the school. We could hand over a donation and sat down for long and intense talks with Lucy and Joseph, the local team at Meridian. Together we developed and collected ideas for the next steps in the development of the school. Those will  be the building of one to two more classrooms, a techer's room and the extension of the sanitary facilities. After all that being done, the school can apply for the registration as a privately managed primary school.

In Ngusero we visited the Good Hope School and accomplished an important task: the yearly payment of the school fees for our supported students. Also, an official meeting with the local management team, the mothers and caretakers of the supported children and us took place. For Ursel and Jutta it was the first time to meet all the legal guardians in person, and we got the chance to get to know each other better, conduct good conversations and hand over the receipts for the school fees 2018.
As three of the so far supported students graduate this year, we sat down with the management team to evaluate who else needs support. As a result and thanks to our sponsors, we can pay the school fees for five more children, making it nine supported students in total in 2018.
amini e.V. is also able to cover the fees for a young college student in Arusha. His family lives far away and cannot support him anymore in his last year of studies. We met him at church where he is an active member of the congregation and learned about his struggle to continue with his studies.

We want to thank again all our donors and sponsors, also on behalf of our partners - we could not do our work without you! 

We are - again - deeply moved by those two weeks in Tanzania. It is overwhelming to see progress happening on-site, to work closely with our Tanzanian partners, to experience their hospitality and to simply immerse in Tanzanian life!

                                                                                                                                                                                                June 20, 2017
Foundation of amini


On May 26, 2017, we met in Tuttlingen, Germany, to put our idea of a non-profit charitable NGO that will bundle up our various engagements in Tanzania into action. It was our first meeting, we determined our constitution, held elections and therefore founded amini!

We were recognized as non-profit by the local tax authority, and on June 19 we got registered at the county court - amini e.V. is officially born!